Mano Mano Sikaran

In this post I will tell you about these two fighting styles.

I will also tell you about Arnis a fighting style often used with the above.


Mano Mano

The term ‘Mano-Mano’ simply means empty hands, but for some, it is also a household name for hand to hand self defense. Covering all the possibilities.Mano-Mano is a well rounded system of self defense that practices boxing, kicking, grappling, ground fighting and weapon awareness. It is a combination of different styles of Filipino Martial Arts including Sikaran (foot fighting), Boksing (filipino boxing), and Dumog (self defense grappling). Organization.Mano-mano started as a family system of self defense that had been passed on from generation to generation to its family members. Today Mano-mano is being practiced all over the world and gaining the respect for its practicality and effectiveness.


The art foot fighting. SIKARAN is a Filipino Martial Art that focuses on kicking techniques. Sikaran can be traced back to the 1500′s where Filipino farmers would gather after working and practice fighting in their fields. The farmers who gathered in fields after work would use their strong legs and kicking skills to drive out there opponent from a designated area, known as a ‘pitak’, that was about 25 feet in diameter. The word ‘Pitak’ translates into Rice Field. Today, Sikaran is practiced all over the world, including the Philipines, Canada, Australia, United States and Europe.

Arnis / Kali / Eskrima

The art of stick fighting. Kali, Arnis, Eskrima has gained in popularity as a very practical system of self defines. Long ago…Arnis was originally the martial art that practice bladed weapons. The blade has evolved into the use of rattan stick called a yantok. The program consists of stickfighting, knife and stick, double stick, knife self defense, empty hand combat, wrist lock takedowns and sport Arnis. Arnis is a fun and exciting competition sport for those who want to test their skills against experienced Arnisadors (stick fighters, practicioners of Arnis).

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Best free movie making software & my top 10 websites

Ok best movie making software thats free.


Blender is a free 3D animation software that has been used for movies( including Spider-man)

and tv shows.

It’s a little hard at first but once you get the hang of it you’ll be making amazing worlds and other cool things.

2.Windows movie maker(WMM)

WMM is a video editing program with some cool effects and looks.

A screen shot.

3.LS maker!!!!(Lightsaber maker)

LS maker is a free program that allows you to add lasers to your videos!

Very cool.

Cool huh!             

Thats it for movie making today!

I’ll post more some other time.

Now for my top 10 websites.


2.Best animations

3.Gods revolution today

5.Rangers apprentice


7.Armor games

8.Gif bin

9.Lord of the rings

10.Star trek

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